Hola holaaa mores!! Lunes de nuevo!! Qué tal ha comenzado vuestra semana! Espero que genial!! Yo como siempre, ando a tope! Por eso, llevo toda la semana pasada sin pasar por aquí!!

Hoy venía enseñaros otro de mis look sport, con un top de FEMME LUXE básico, pero bonito y que sienta como un guante. Es de lycra y es ajustado, con un tono rosa pálido que me encanta. Un top muy ponible con todo, puedes usarlo tanto con un look sport como con unos jeans y unos tacones e irte de fiesta con él!

Lo he combinado con unos pantalones anchos con corchetes en los laterales, ya que sabéis que soy amante del look sporty!

Espero que os guste el look de hoy! Sed felices y nos vemos en el próximo post!

Hi, hello mores! Monday again! How has your week started! I hope that great !! I eat as always, butt! That’s why, I’ve been here last week without going through here!

Today I came to show you another one of my sport look, with a basic, but beautiful and FEMME LUXE top that feels like a glove. It is lycra and is tight, with a pale pink tone that I love. A very wearable top with everything, you can use it both with a sporty look and with jeans and heels and party with him!

I have combined it with wide pants with square brackets on the sides, since you know that I am a lover of the sporty look!

You know that I love this store and there are certain clothes that I can’t let you get lost, like their Trousers, Corset Dress, Black Lace Bodysuit and jeans!

I hope you like today’s look! Be happy and see you in the next post!

TOP – FEMME LUXE – Comprar aquí / Shop here

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